CHANGING THE NARRATIVE – with Karen Ekezie (Experienced Event Producer with a passion for creating, designing and executing meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions)


1. Successfully executing mind-blowing events can be really tasking, What’s your inspiration?

2. Can you give us a brief introduction, for our readers who are not into events

3. Delving into such a career path must have been really exciting, can you tell us briefly about that journey?

4. The MICE industry is complex, consisting of participants, sponsors, planners, convention and visitor bureaus, meeting venues, accommodations, and suppliers generally being involved in the planning and execution of an event? How do you cope with such a busy schedule?

5. You probably travel a lot, or at least you have various experiences in these journeys or events which you organize. What’s your tip on adapting to various cultures, food, weather or working with different people entirely?

6. From as far back as our search records could track, you started events way back in 2015, Sharing your wealth of experience helps younger creatives believe they can also become whatever they want to be, what’s your advice to them?

7. Can you tell us any memorable moment during any of the events that make you happy when you reminisce?


  1. I get my inspiration from seasonal trends; With events, there are so many trends you can use as a guide in your planning phase from the theme to entertainment. I stay updated on current trends and news In the industry.

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